Alderley Park


Alderley park is a successful and expanding multi-purpose community, made up of diverse businesses, residences, leisure, retail and scientific research facilities. With so many different activities on site, and a growing population of users, a huge range of waste types are generated.

The waste management of such a complex site includes scheduled general waste, green waste from landscaping and maintenance, construction waste from ongoing development, as well as more specialist laboratory WEEE waste coming out of the lab-based businesses situated there.

Large amounts of mixed waste types, all with different compliance and environmental requirements, was creating a huge amount of work for the procurement and facilities management team at Bruntwood, and taking up a disproportionate amount of their time.

  • Experts in multiple and specialist waste types
  • Compliance team to offer peace of mind
  • Smart supply chain management 


Our varied experience means we have in-depth knowledge of all waste types, and understand best practice and compliance regulations regarding waste disposal across the board. We use trusted specialist carriers to manage different waste types, and always choose local suppliers where possible, to minimise carbon emissions and cut costs.

Our compliance team is able to offer advice, and took the hassle out of the process for Bruntwood, giving them peace of mind by ensuring that all handling and disposal of specialist waste was done by the book.

Through clear and consistent communications, we were able to work efficiently with the large procurement department at Bruntwood, and as a small, agile and tech-led company, we were able to quickly adapt our processes to create custom systems for Bruntwood’s unique ordering and approval system.


With an impressive commitment to sustainability and ambitious environmental targets, Envirovue is the perfect match for Bruntwood, and we are able to achieve high rates of diversion from landfill at competitive prices.

We’ve streamlined Bruntwood’s waste management by setting up one account for a combined scope of waste types, and by acting as a single point of contact for a large range of their waste requirements. With our experience in supply chain management, we’ve also managed to reduce overall waste management costs and create a positive impact on their sustainability metrics.

By synchronising our processes and developing tailored tech solutions, working together continues to be smooth and effortless for both parties.

“I am proud to call Envirovue a partner in the service we provide. Over the past 12 months, Envirovue have proved to be professional with first-class customer service. Covering a wide range of waste streams, they are responsive and competitively priced. This company goes above and beyond the normal service levels to achieve the position of a partner we trust and rely on.”