Considerate Constructors

We understand that the scheme supports you to work to the highest possible standards, as well as raising the public image of the construction industry, improving conditions for the workforce and protecting the environment. Here is how we help support you with the scheme.

We protect the environment

The scheme’s code of practice includes a commitment to the environment. With our core environmental values, we’re the experts you need to help you meet this requirement. We can support you to maximise the volume of waste diverted from landfill and reduce your carbon footprint. We also consult on the implementation of waste segregation and can work with you to create site waste management plans.

Without any extra work for you, we’ll make sure your waste emissions are automatically calculated and offset through donation to Gold Standard-certified carbon offsetting projects. Our online portal collates and stores all documentation relating to your waste, ready for any audits.

We care about appearance

Clean, tidy and well-organised sites boost public perception of the industry, as well as helping things run more smoothly and promoting better working practices on site.

Custom-branded waste enclosures can be provided by Envirovue, to enhance the appearance and professionalism of your site, with the added benefit of encouraging effective waste segregation and improving recycling efficiency.

We can arrange COSHH-compliant storage options for your hazardous waste. Our sister company, Cross Plant Hire, specialises in environmental products and offers a range of high-quality COSHH stores and interceptor drum stores.



We can support your move towards a circular economy. By maximising the value of the Earth’s resources, reducing waste and emissions, it’s clearly the sustainable choice.



Transporting and recycling your waste contributes to your carbon footprint. We can minimise the impact, by collecting data, calculating and responsibly offsetting your emissions.



Recycling more, using smarter and more targeted methods, will minimise costs for your business and the Earth’s natural resources.