Hazardous Waste Removal

“I am proud to call Envirovue a partner in the service we provide. Over the past 12 months, Envirovue have proved to be professional with first-class customer service. Covering a wide range of waste streams, they are responsive and competitively priced. This company goes above and beyond the normal service levels to achieve the position of a partner we trust and rely on.”


Hazardous waste has the potential to impact negatively on human health and can pose a threat to life. It requires specialist removal by trained professionals to ensure it is handled, stored and disposed of safely, in line with legal and environmental standards.

It includes a wide variety of potentially dangerous materials that can be produced in all settings, from obviously hazardous products such as chemical waste and pesticides, to more everyday items such as batteries and print toners.

To find out more about how we can arrange a muck away service to suit you, get in touch with our friendly team.

Why Envirovue?

 Hazardous waste is a sensitive issue, and you can’t afford to take risks. Envriovue has the experience, expertise and integrity to do things properly.

  • Regular checks of handlers’ documentation and licences to ensure full compliance.
  • Years of experience safely disposing of a wide range of unique waste.
  • Cloud-based portal to manage all your waste streams in one place.


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    What happens to waste once it’s collected?

    It can be difficult to know what to do with hazardous waste, and sometimes difficult to identify what waste types are actually hazardous. It’s really important that all hazardous waste is dealt with safely, so it’s best to work with a company you know you can trust to do things right.

    At Envirovue, we work with fully-qualified and licenced professionals who know exactly what they’re doing. We can advise you on waste segregation and will make sure hazardous waste is handled correctly, and with care. It will be disposed of according to all regulations, in the most environmentally-friendly way possible, with consignment notes available to view on our cloud-based portal to guarantee peace of mind.

    If you are unsure how to classify your hazardous waste, or want to know more about how we can create a tailored waste solution, contact our expert team today.

    Envirovue’s commitment to sustainability

    We’re committed to becoming the most sustainably outsourced waste management company in the UK. Hazardous waste can sometimes be tricky to dispose of, but we will always use the most environmentally responsible methods and minimise the volume of your waste that goes to landfill.

     Our meticulous supply chain management, commitment to the best recycling rates and automatic carbon offsetting means the environmental impact of your hazardous waste will be minimised.

     With plenty of negotiating experience and by working with trusted long-term partners, we can secure competitive prices for sustainable solutions.

    If you’re not sure what vehicle you need, contact our friendly team, and we will find the right solution for you.

    Materials classed as hazardous waste that need specialist disposal include:

    • Acid
    • Batteries
    • X-ray waste
    • Solvents
    • Appliances containing ozone-depleting materials (eg. refrigerators)
    • Pesticides
    • Non-edible oils (eg. car oil) and items contaminated with oils (eg. tyres)
    • Chemical waste (eg. brake fluid, print toners)

    We’re experienced in hazardous waste disposal across a wide range of industries, including:

    • Agriculture
    • Construction
    • Manufacturing
    • Utilities

    We’re always happy to work with new clients, and are keen to grow into new industries, so if you don’t see your industry listed above, don’t let that put you off! Get in touch to find out more about hazardous waste disposal, or for a free quote.


    Alderley park is an expanding multi-purpose community, made up of diverse businesses, residences, leisure and retail facilities producing a huge range of waste types