Carbon Bed Removal: MWH Treatment & Severn Trent


Our client was uncomfortable with what they were being charged for the disposal of media waste generated from gravity filters used on their water treatment sites across the UK.

Because some traces of hazardous metal were showing up in the waste analysis, the previous broker was classifying all waste as hazardous. This meant removing and disposing of huge quantities as hazardous, at a substantial cost to our client.

  • Thorough testing methods for an accurate representation of waste make-up
  • Access to an extensive network of carriers with specialist licences
  • Waste disposal bill reduced by more than 75%
  • Guaranteed compliance to avoid hefty EA fines


As soon as we took on the project, we suspected the presence of hazardous metal was an anomaly. Our experience told us that it would be highly unusual to find it in large quantities on a site of this kind.

We worked with an expert analysis company who tested multiple samples of the waste to get a full picture of its make-up, correct any anomalies and generate an accurate result. Our hunch was correct, and this thorough testing method revealed the hazardous metal was in fact an anomaly.

Despite this positive result, the tests showed that the waste was still complex, with many landfill sites unable to accept it because they did not hold the correct licences.

This wasn’t a problem for Envriovue. We were able to draw upon our extensive network to find the carriers and tipping sites that had all the necessary permits and licences and could dispose of the waste responsibly to guarantee our client’s duty of care.


By using specialists and taking the time to do a full analysis, we were able to deliver huge savings. Our findings saved the client nearly £200,000 on just one site, with the cost of disposal and testing combined coming to just 25% of what they were currently paying for disposal alone. 

Getting a clear picture of waste make-up is essential if hazardous waste is suspected, especially with such large quantities. There is a risk of substantial environment agency fines if things aren’t done properly, as well as compromising safety and missing out on opportunities for sustainable alternatives.

Working with experts like Envirovue provided our client with peace of mind that everything was being conducted correctly and with full compliance while delivering the best possible value for money.