Manchester Life: Sawmill Court, Eric Wright


This large-scale project generated a wide range of waste types requiring different treatment, including mixed construction, plasterboard, concrete, wood, metal and hazardous waste. With so many waste types, by the end of the project, space on the site courtyard was extremely limited, creating new challenges as the project progressed. 

Located in a busy city centre, the site entrance was often blocked by traffic, particularly at rush hour, which created substantial access challenges, not least the potential for delivery and collection delays.

The size and complexity of this project meant there were various subcontractors working on site, which made waste segregation efforts tricky due to differing working methods and communication issues. 

  • Out-of-hours collections
  • Waste enclosures for segregation
  • Experience in a wide range of waste types
  • 98.9% diversion rate acheived


By calling on our extensive network of providers, we were able to organise multiple services to ensure we got the best recycling rates for each waste type at the best price, using local businesses to minimise travel time and CO2 emissions.

We overcame access issues by working with our flexible carriers to offer out-of-hours collections to avoid rush hour, and provided branded waste enclosures to support waste segregation, minimising contamination and ultimately, saving money.

When space became an issue, we organised specialised bin collection vehicles, suitable for heavy duty construction waste and avoiding the need for additional skips.


Over three years, Envirovue managed hundreds of site collections for a huge range of waste, providing a reliable and streamlined service while at a consistently competitive price.

Our agility meant we were able to be reactive, and reliably deliver hitch-free solutions to new challenges without delay.

We’re proud that working with Eric Wright Construction, the rate of diversion from landfill against the total waste taken off site was an impressive 98.9%.