Free Trade Hall, Radisson Blue Edwardian


An ambitious, large-scale renovation project massively transformed Free Trade Hall in just over a year, with the whole hotel – all guest rooms and communal areas – being completely stripped out and re-done.

 Such an undertaking obviously produced a huge amount of mixed waste, and given the city centre location, any space for waste containers was minimal. To add to the complexity, the site was still functioning as a high-end hotel, and customers expected the high standards associated with the Radisson Blue brand, which didn’t include views of skips!

  • City centre hotel with paying guests throughout
  • Punctual service with reactive wait and load
  • Local carriers to reduce carbon emissions
  • High standard of communication and paperwork


A survey by a member of our dedicated site support team concluded that the best way forward was to secure a 40 yard RORO wait and load service to deal with the large volume of waste, and the lack of space for multiple containers.

 Radisson Blue and Envirovue share a commitment to sustainability, so we were happy to be able to reduce the carbon emissions generated from the transport of site waste by calling upon a local carrier from our trusted suppliers list. The mixed waste was sent to a facility with advanced segregation techniques and a reputation for high rates of diversion from landfill to achieve the most environmentally friendly solution.



Our punctuality meant we were able to address the key challenge of this project – to keep waste out of sight – with efficient and speedy delivery and collections, while successfully organising hundreds of wait and load services throughout the lifetime of the renovation.

The centralised Radisson procurement office in London have told us how happy they are with the ease of the job, as well as the high standards of communication and paperwork provided by Envirovue throughout the process.

“Envirovue go above and beyond to accommodate your needs and deliver skips as and when needed even out of hours. I have found Envirovue to be one of the best skip companies to use and find their customer service exceptional. They are always there to take your call and sort out any issues.”